World Race Exposure

This next month is going to be looking different for C Squad. Our squad was chosen out of the 5 squads that launched in January to host the World Race Exposure group. The World Race Exposure is a program that Adventure in Missions (AIM) puts on where 18-21 year olds can join a squad that is on the field to do ministry, do community and whatever we do for a month. Its a month in which they can experience what being on the world race is like, and from there decided if they could handle 11 months of it. 

The group that had joined us for this month is made up of 21 girls and 1 guy, they flew into Lilongwe on the 4th.They stayed at the hostel we had just stayed at, and then a bunch of them headed to the teams out in Muzuzu. The rest will be staying in Lilongwe with the other teams. 

We have Laurin, Ellie, Lane, and Lorin joining us for the month of July. They will be working, worshipping, living and experiencing what God is doing here in Malawi right next to us. We are to guide them, and show them what it looks like to be on the World Race. We aren't here to persuade them, or force them into it, we are simply here to show them what its all about. We are here to show them how to rely on God in awkward situations, how to live in community in a healthy way, we are to love them and accept them into our team as if they have been with us the whole time. 

I am excited for them, I am excited to see what God shows them through this month. They came straight from the USA, from western culture, directly into the warm heart of Africa. To Africa where the culture, the people, the language, the food and the water are all completely different. I think its going to be a trying, stretching month for them.

Team Oak will do our best to show these 4 women of Christ, what God has been, and is doing through the World Race in hopes that they will one day join a squad and continue on the fight, the race to spread the Word of God to all the nations.